Video Tutorials

LinuxCNC for the Home Hobbyist - EP 20 - Parallel Port Revisited

n this episode I talk about some of the issues people have run into when installing a parallel port card into their computer. I give some examples of some additional commands to try to find out what the computer thinks you have installed when things go awry. Finally I give you a link to a page on my website that has a list of cards that are known to work, and not work with LinuxCNC. I also encourage you to participate in the development of this list.


LinuxCNC for the Home Hobbyist - EP 19 - Debian Wheezy is EOL, Now What?

As many of you are aware, LinuxCNC currently runs on Debian 7, codenamed Wheezy and it is EOL (End Of Life). This video addresses the options you have to either continue using Debian Wheezy, or move to a newer supported version of Linux.


LinuxCNC for Home Hobbyists - Ep 17 - Compiling a Realtime Kernel for LinuxCNC

In this episode I show you how to compile a Realtime Kernel using the PREEMPT_RT kernel patch. I show you where to download the patch, the kernel source code, how to apply the patch, configure the kernel to use it. Next I show you how to compile the kernel and modules and finally install the kernel. I also show you a quick edit to the GRUB boot loader config file to force the grub menu to show on boot up, so if you do have problems you can boot back into your original kernel. A written tutorial is also available on my website on the LinuxCNC / EMC2 page under the heading of Wirrten Tutorials.



LinuxCNC for the Home Hobbyist - EP 18 - Compiling LinuxCNC from Source Code

In this episode I show you how to compile the LinuxCNC software from source code. I explain the changes needed to be made to the computer prior to starting along with the software you need to download the source code. I show you how to select the relevant branch of the software, build dependencies, and much more. This tutorial is the next logical step for those who have followed my realtime kernel compile video using the preempt_rt kernel patch. A downloadable PDF of this tutorial is available on my website. You can find a link to it here: along with other useful tutorials and information regarding LinuxCNC. If there is a topic of interest concerning LinuxCNC you would like to see covered, please drop me and email and i will see what I can do. As always, thank you for watching.


LinuxCNC for the Home Hobbyist - EP 16 - Configuring LinuxCNC using Stepconf (Overview)

In this episode I give an overview of setting up a stepper driven system using the parallel port with the Stepconf utility. While much information is given about Stepconf, I remind the viewer it is considered and overview because some details like spindle control and home and linit switches will require more detail. These topics plus other concerning Stepconf will be covered in future videos.